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Wat Pa Nanachat – Forest Path

Posted by Theravada Dhamma on März 01, 2011
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Wat Pa Nanachat has published many books over the years — in English and in Thai — but never a newsletter. This year we decided to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of a conservative wat by breaking with tradition. So many people contributed to the project however, and with such enthusiasm, that a sambhavesi1 newsletter finally entered the world of print as this 250 page book.

Rather than giving a historical review of the last twenty-five years, the following pages provide more of a present-moment snapshot of Wat Pa Nanachat. The articles come from a broad cross-section of the community from the abbot to the most newly ordained novice. The book opens with excerpts from two chapters of ‘Water Still, Water Flowing’, Ajahn Jayasaro’s forthcoming comprehensive biography of Ajahn Cha’s life and teaching. The other pieces are by senior theras, majjhima and navaka monks, novices and two lay supporters. To give a visual impression of monastic life, the book also contains a number of photographs and a selection of illustrations by Ajahn Abhinano.

Few of our monastic community have much, if any, formal writing experience. For many this book represents the first time that any- thing they have written has appeared in print. We have taken heart from the words of the great Japanese monk, Dogen:
“Just write what is in your heart. You contribute to Buddhism if the truths are there.”

We also would like to express our gratitude to all the people who have contributed to this publication. We are indebted to the various monks and lay supporters who contributed skills in typing, format- ting and editing, as well as helping in other often invisible ways; without their many hours of work the book never would have been completed. The Sangha would also like to express their appreciation for the generosity of all those lay supporters of the wat who offered funds for the book to be freely distributed.




Wat Pa Nanachat – Forest Path

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